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Wzonka-Lad - a GPL Gameboy Emulator for 68020+ Amiga Computers
Written by Ville Helin in 1996-1999



Wzonka-Lad is written in 100% ASM, but still has a nice GUI and lots of features.
Don't expect any support for Wzonka-Lad as this page is here for its historical value only. :)


Wzonka-Lad v1.03 GPL (Release + Sources) 03-Jan-2004
Wzonka-Lad v1.01.00e (Release) (Sources) 23-Dec-2003
Wzonka-Lad v1.01.00 Spanish Guide and Installer Script (Archive)
FAST's Z80 CPU Emulation Core (Sources)
History (txt)


PS. Remember to have reqtools.library (here) installed, or Wzonka-Lad won't start!
For audio you'll need a keyfile (here) in the same dir as the exes are, AHI for audio (here),
and registered versions (r) of the executables, evaluation versions (e) don't use the keyfile.