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VSOFont - a Very Simple OpenGL (tm) Font
Written by Ville Helin in 2003-2004


VSOFont is a small library used to draw very simple and fast user definable 2D vector fonts. When GLUT feels too bulky, try out VSOFont.


VSOFont 1.8 (.tar.gz)



VSOFont history:

v1.8 (15-May-2004)
  • Added vsofont_read_font_from_memory().
  • Changed vsofont_read_font() to vsofont_read_font_from_file().
  • Example shows now how to draw a bolded string.
  • VSOFONT header file should now work in C++ projects.
  • Small optimizations here and there.
  • v1.7 (28-Jan-2004)
  • Added an antialiased string to the example.
  • All color functions need now alpha values as well.
  • Reduced code bloat a lot.
  • Small optimizations here and there.
  • Code cleanups.
  • v1.6 (03-Dec-2003)
  • Added more checks and error messages.
  • Cleaned up the example.
  • Embedded billboard.c into vsofont.c.
  • Tiny optimizations here and there.
  • VSOFont uses now byte sized indices in fonts if possible.