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TILE DRILLER - A simple tile paint program
Written by Ville Helin in 2003-2008

This and many other windows in TILE DRILLER!


TILE DRILLER is a simple paint program for people, who want to draw tile based graphics pixel by pixel.

  • Easy editing of alpha channel
  • Reads BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG and TGA images, writes 32bit RGBA PNG images

  • Sources:

    GitHub repository! The development continues there...

    Tile Driller 2.2a (.tar.gz) 06-Apr-2008
    Tile Driller 2.1 (.tar.gz)

    PATCHES: here

    Binaries (UNSUPPORTED):

    Tile Driller 2.1 WIN32 (.rar)



    TILE DRILLER history:

    v2.1 (26-Feb-2005)
  • Added an undo stack, so you can do more than 1 undo.
  • Added erosion operation.
  • Added new drawing tools: line, rectangle and circle.
  • Code cleanups, less bloat.
  • Editor window has a status line at the bottom.
  • Grid size and editor-window size are independent.
  • Reading of 8bit PNG files with transparency should work.
  • Small optimizations.
  • Visible grid.
  • When selecting the shown tile in the memory-window, the selection centers on the mouse cursor.
  • Zooming can now be done is discrete steps, instead of having fixed zoom values.
  • v2.0 (15-May-2004)
  • Added new tiled view size: 1x1.
  • Added new tiled view zoom modes: 500% and 1000%.
  • Added revert menu option to the memory window.
  • Changed the asterisk symbol in the menubars to pipe.
  • Shrinking the image and having unchecked snap-to-grid doesn't possibly crash TILE DRILLER any more.
  • Reading of 16bit PNG files should work.
  • PNG saving could crash (a very rare bug).
  • Optimized window updates a bit.
  • v1.9 (28-Jan-2004)
  • TILE DRILLER can now load TGA files, too.
  • Fixed few possible crashes introduced in v1.8.
  • Code cleanups.
  • Small optimizations here and there.