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Apollo Accelerators / Vampire


Here are random Vampire V500, V600, V1200, etc. related (mostly firmware) files as Apollo people don't seem to host them any more.
If you have e.g., an old firmware etc. file that's not listed here and think that making it available for everybody would benefit
the mankind, please send it to me (ville.helin is the username and mail server is and I'll add it to the collection.

PS. I take no responsibility for anything that happens if you choose to use any of these files. I just host them.

For more info about Apollo Accelerators, please visit (link)


GOLD212B-V1200V2.lha (download)
Gold212RC3x12V1200.7z (download)
GOLD213.7z (download)
GOLD213RC1.7z (download)
GOLD213RC1b.7z (download)
GOLD213RC1c.7z (download)
GOLD213ReleaseCandidate.7z (download)
GOLD213-V1200V2.lha (download)
V500x11_r7645_GOLD213RC1.jic (download)
V1200_7565-20200531_0346.jic (download)
V1200_8557-20220123_0725C.jic (download)
FIREBIRD_8768.jic (download)
ICEDRAKE_8728.jic (download)
VAMPIRE_4_STANDALONE_8736.jic (download) (download)
GOLD2-V500V2.lha (download)
GOLD2-V600V2.lha (download)
GOLD25-V500V2.lha (download)
GOLD25-V600V2.lha (download)
GOLD27-V500V2.lha (download)
GOLD27-V600V2.lha (download)
GOLD28-V500V2_x10.lha (download)
GOLD28-V500V2_x11.lha (download)
GOLD28-V600V2_x10.lha (download)
GOLD28-V600V2_x11.lha (download)
GOLD29_8-V600V2.lha (download)
GOLD29-V500V2_x10.lha (download)
GOLD210_1-V500V2.lha (download)
GOLD210_1-V600V2.lha (download)
GOLD211-V500V2.lha (download)
GOLD211-V600V2.lha (download)
GOLD212B-V600V2.lha (download)
GOLD212B-V1200V2.lha (download)
GOLD212-V500V2.lha (download)
GOLD213-V1200V2.lha (download)
GOLD-V500V2.lha (download)
GOLD-V600V2.lha (download)
SILVER1-V600V2.lha (download)
SILVER3a-V600V2.lha (download)
SILVER3-V600V2.lha (download)
SILVER5-V600V2.lha (download)
SILVER6-V600V2.lha (download)
SILVER7-V600V2.lha (download)
SILVER9-V600V2.lha (download)
V3_3686_magic_803.jic (download)
V500_3686_magic_797.jic (download)
V500_5851_G211_527-543B.jic (download)
V500_G2-9-8_x10.jic (download)
V500_G2-9-8_x11.jic (download)
V500_G210C_x11_818_480.jic (download)
V500_G210C_x12_830_-270.jic (download)
V500_GOLD2-7_x12.jic (download)
V500_GOLD2-7-2.jic (download)
V500_GOLD2-8_x10.jic (download)
V500_GOLD2-8_x11.jic (download)
V500_GOLD3_5400_x12s.jic (download)
V500x11_Gold214_r7987.jic (download)
V500x12_Gold212_r7389.jic (download)
V500x13_Gold212_r7319.jic (download)
V600_5851_G211_693-562.jic (download)
V600_G2-9-8_x10.jic (download)
V600_G2-9-8_x11.jic (download)
V600_G2-9-8_x12.jic (download)
V600_G210C_x11_810_480.jic (download)
V600_G210C_x12_840_-100.jic (download)
V600_GOLD2-7_x12.jic (download)
V600_GOLD2-7-2.jic (download)
V600_GOLD2-8_x10.jic (download)
V600_GOLD2-8_x11.jic (download)
V600_GOLD3_5400_x12s.jic (download)
V600_GOLD212_x11_r7389B.jic (download)
V600_GOLD213RC1_x11_r7645b.jic (download)
V1200x12_Gold212_r7389B.jic (download)
V1200x12_Gold213_r7950.jic (download)