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PPM - Yet Another Game Boy Tile & Map Editor for GTK
Written by Ville Helin in 2000-2003

This and many other windows in PPM!

  • Eight palettes
  • 16x16 metatile editing
  • CGB color emulation modes
  • All three mouse buttons draw
  • Edit in 8x8, 8x16, 16x16 and 32x32
  • Zooming, flipping, shifting, rotating, copying, etc.
  • Maps upto 1024x1024 tiles in size with CGB tile properties
  • GB and CGB supported (and other two plane graphics systems)
  • Imports GBR (Game Boy Tile Designer) and GBM (Game Boy Map Builder) files
  • Exports ISAS .asm, RGBDS .asm, TASM .asm, WLA .asm, GBDK .c and raw binary (in 2bit planar or 8bit chunky format)

  • Has been succesfully compiled under:
  • Irix
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

  • Sources:

    GitHub repository! The development continues there...

    PPM 2.7 (the original) (.tar.gz)
    PPM 2.7 (with CMake and GTK 2 thanks to Nico Kügler) (.tar.gz)



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    PPM history:

    v2.7 (18-Oct-2003)
  • Tile memory can now be saved as a PNG file.
  • v2.6 (26-Nov-2002)
  • Tile data exporter was broken.
  • Removed all window related set_widget_set_usize()-calls.
  • Cleaned up the code.
  • Enhanced documents.
  • v2.5 (03-Jun-2001)
  • Map scrolling is now done in 16 pixel increments.
  • Added two new buttons to rotate square tile data 90 degrees left and right.
  • Added metatile editor window.
  • Removed window repositionings in startup. Let the window manager to remember the positions.
  • It's now possible to draw the map using metatiles.
  • Added metatiles to project profile.
  • Added metatile map exporting using metatile library created with the metatile editor.
  • Added 2bit planar non interleaved mode to tile data exporting.
  • v2.4 (26-May-2001)
  • Added 16x16 pixel metatile (dynamic and fixed) map exporting.
  • Added whole project (map and tile memory) clearing, loading and saving.
  • Shift key could look like it was jammed down in tile editor window with some really bad luck.
  • Clicking the "adjust to tile size" check button could cause reverse effect with some really bad luck.
  • Enhanced makefile.
  • Removed 32x32 tile export mode, and added 16x16 h (horizontal) and 16x16 v (vertical) tile export modes.
  • Source file map exporting writes one line of data for one line of map (used to write the data in 8 byte chunks).
  • Byte writer could exceed byte limits (more tiles than 512).
  • Enhanced file requester texts.
  • Map exporting handles now word tile indexes right.
  • Word tile index writer writes out bytes (two bytes for one index).
  • v2.3 (19-Dec-2000)
  • Code cleanups.
  • GBDK export lacked a comment terminator in the file header.
  • A map of tile memory can now be easily created from menu.
  • Only memory and edit windows' window manager's close buttons will terminate the program.
  • Added GBM (Game Boy Map Builder files) import.
  • Tile index size can now be selected from 8bit and 16bit in map data export window.
  • Export window's close and export buttons are now positioned correctly.
  • Added tile index offset spin button to the map export window.