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Project Lecherous Gnomes - OpenGL Network Gaming for X?
(C) 2001-2003 Ville Helin

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My Master's Thesis
Developments of Modern Multiplayer Games (.ps, .pdf 2003)


  • Skydome
  • ANSI C code
  • Trees and grass
  • House generator
  • Rigid body physics
  • Fractal landscapes
  • Quaternion rotations
  • Near-to-far rendering
  • OpenGL (tm) graphics
  • Level of Detail (LOD)
  • Simple frustum culling
  • Optional Depth-of-Field
  • Point and triangle particle emitters
  • Texture loading with S3TC-BOXEN
  • Multilayer realtime generated clouds
  • Texture assigned friction and collision
  • Script generated (dynamic) enviroments
  • Client(s) - Server - Terminal over TCP/IP
  • Collision detection algorithm based on Paul Nettle's work
  • Optional occlusion culling using GL_HP_occlusion_test and AABBs
  • Dynamic data streamer (loads everything on the fly, no loading screens ever)
  • Automatic generation of LOD objects using a polygon reduction algorithm by Stan Melax

  • Downloads:

    The whole package (03-Dec-2003)
    LG's particle system with mirroring demo (02-Oct-2003)


    Please note that currently this software doesn't do much.
    At the moment you can travel in the generated landscape and talk to
    other players. I've placed the sources here for the curious people.

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